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License Agreements

Axiom Images' license agreements are specific to the project type. Click on the appropriate project type license to view and download.  

Advertisement (Campaign) 
An advertisement campaign consisting of multiple advertisements one-hundred twenty (120) seconds or less. Campaign must be for a single product, service or company. 

Advertisement (Individual) 
An individual advertisement of ninety (90) seconds or less.

Documentary Film or Series 
A motion picture or a television program that provides a factual record or report, is considered non-fiction and not a narrative film. 

Event / Concert / Convention 
An event, concert or convention where media may be used or displayed for in-context related coverage or promotions. 

Feature Film - Over 10M
A motion picture with a total budget over ten (10) million dollars (USD).

Feature Film - Under 10M
A motion picture with a total budget under ten (10) million dollars (USD).

Industrial / Corporate Video
A video produced to promote a company, corporation or organization but would not be considered an advertisement. 

Music Video
A film or video rendition of a recorded song under ten (10) minutes in length. 

News Program 
A regularly scheduled television program or series reporting current events.

Royalty Free Photo License 

Political Advertisement
Television and/or Internet advertisements designed to promote or dispute a political agenda, idea, opinion, and/or candidate.

Short Film
Any original motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film with a running time of forty (40) minutes or less. 

Sporting Event (Individual)
A single sporting event broadcast over network/ cable television and/or on the Internet. 

Sporting Event (Seasonal)
A season of sporting events for a specific league/ division broadcast over network/ cable television and/or on the Internet. (Example: a season of professional or college football games) 

Television Show
A television program, typically as part of a series, broadcast over network / cable television and/or on the Internet. 

Title Sequence / Credits
A sequence that precedes or succeeds the main portion of a television program. 

A work advertising a film or television show.

Wedding Video
A video or film production documenting a wedding.

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