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Shriekfest / Axiom Images

Axiom Images is proud to announce the first ever Shriekfest / Axiom Images Aerial Contest.

Axiom Images (http://www.axiomimages.com) is a new aerial stock footage company looking to help out new filmmakers by joining forces with Shriekfest 2013. Two of the owners of Axiom Images are Shriekfest Alumni and want to give back and do something special for the festival by providing filmmakers with a resource usually out of reach to independent filmmakers.


Download any of the watermarked H264 preview aerial footage from Axiom Images' library (http://www.axiomimages.com) and cut it into your film. Submit the scene to us via web (vimeo private page probably the best solution) along with a description of your film and a proposal of how aerials might help tell your story. Also, tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a filmmaker.


  • 1st Place Prize (5 winners) - Full license to include the aerial shot of your choice in your film.
  • 2nd Place Prize (5 winners) - 75% Discount on the shot of your choice to be included in your film.
  • 3rd Place Prize (10 winners) - 50% Discount on the shot of your choice to be included in your film.


  1. Filmmakers must agree to the terms & conditions of the license found here: http://www.axiomimages.com/tos.html
  2. Projects must be narrative films in short or long form. (Shorts & Features)
  3. Footage may only be used on the film used in the submission process. 
  4. Provide Axiom Images with a copy of the finished film.
  5. Provide credit to Axiom Images for the aerial footage. (Ex. "Aerial Footage Courtesy of Axiom Images")
  6. Footage must be used within 1 year of the contest end date. (March 31st, 2014)
  7. One winner per entry.
  8. The film must be an independent film.


Contest starts immediately and ends March 31st. Enough time for you to use it in your film for the Shriekfest deadlines.

FAQ (We'll update this as questions come in)

Q: What if my film gets sold to a huge studio and it has a shot that I won from the contest?
A: First off, congrats! Second, yes the shot goes with your film. Our one-time-use-per-project license lets the shot live with the film. Even if you get huge distribution. This only applies to the film itself, no sequels or any additional films or projects.

Q: Can I alter the shot or add elements to it?
A: Of course! Alter it how you see fit. We'd love to see how you incorporate it into your film's story.

Q: What format choice can I use?
A: Anything we have. R3D, Raw, ProRes4k, ProResHQ... if you don't see it on the site, let us know how you'd prefer to receive it.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at contest@axiomimages.com

Thank you and good luck!

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