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4K stock footage aerial video Panels at Topaz Solar Farm in the Carrizo Plain, California Aerial Stock Footage AX70_065


4K aerial stock footage video of panels at the Topaz Solar Farm; Carrizo Plain, Southern California available in HD 1080, 4K UHD


License Type:  
HD H264 8bit Carrizo Plain, CA Stock Footage | AX70_065 

HD H264 8bit

(39 MB) : $49.00 USD
HD PRHQ 709 10bit Carrizo Plain, CA Stock Footage | AX70_065 

HD PRHQ 709 10bit

(334 MB) : $129.00 USD
4K UHD PRHQ 10bit Carrizo Plain, CA Stock Footage | AX70_065 

4K UHD PRHQ 10bit

(1334 MB) : $259.00 USD


  • Shot ID#AX70_065
  • Date04/30/2014
  • Framerate23.98fps
  • CameraSony F-55
  • Original FormatSony RAW
  • Original Size4K DCI 4096 x 2160
  • Length0:15
  • Library NameAX0070
  • Time of DayDaytime
  • WeatherSunny
  • Seasonal AppearanceSpring / Summer
  • Equipment Unknown
  • Property ReleaseNo Release


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