4.8K aerial stock footage approach and orbit bridges spanning the Delaware River, reveal commuter train and courthouse, Trenton, New Jersey Aerial Stock Footage AX82_067E


4.8K aerial stock footage video approaching Lower Trenton Bridge, Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge, and a commuter rail bridge spanning the Delaware River between Trenton and Morrisville, and orbit the bridges as a commuter train crosses to reveal Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex building and office buildings; Trenton, New Jersey and Morrisville, Pennsylvania available in 4K UHD H264, 4K, 4.8K RAW, 4.8K LOG


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4K UHD H264 8bit Trenton, NJ Stock Footage | AX82_067E 

4K UHD H264 8bit

(285 MB) : $99.00 USD
4K PRHQ Rec709 10bit Trenton, NJ Stock Footage | AX82_067E 

4K PRHQ Rec709 10bit

(5789 MB) : $299.00 USD
4.8K PRHQ LOG 10bit Trenton, NJ Stock Footage | AX82_067E 

4.8K PRHQ LOG 10bit

(7493 MB) : $499.00 USD
4.8K RAW 16bit Trenton, NJ Stock Footage | AX82_067E 

4.8K RAW 16bit

(5258 MB) : $499.00 USD


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