5K stock footage aerial video fly over high-rises to approach skyscrapers on the shore of Hong Kong Island, China Aerial Stock Footage SS01_0037


5K aerial stock footage video of flying over residential high-rises to approach waterfront skyscrapers surrounding International Commerce Centre on the shoreline; Hong Kong Island, China available in HD 1080, 4K UHD, 5.1K RAW


License Type:  
HD H264 8bit Hong Kong Island Stock Footage | SS01_0037 

HD H264 8bit

(36 MB) : $49.00 USD
HD PRHQ 709 10bit Hong Kong Island Stock Footage | SS01_0037 

HD PRHQ 709 10bit

(332 MB) : $129.00 USD
4K UHD PRHQ 10bit Hong Kong Island Stock Footage | SS01_0037 

4K UHD PRHQ 10bit

(1200 MB) : $259.00 USD
5.1K RAW 16bit Hong Kong Island Stock Footage | SS01_0037 

5.1K RAW 16bit

(1279 MB) : $329.00 USD


  • Shot ID#SS01_0037
  • Date05/10/2012
  • Framerate24fps
  • CameraRed Epic MX
  • Original FormatR3D Raw
  • Original Size5K 5120 x 2700
  • Length0:14
  • Library NameSS01
  • Time of DayDaytime
  • WeatherPartly Cloudy
  • Seasonal AppearanceSpring / Summer
  • Equipment SpaceCam Systems
  • Property ReleaseNo Release


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